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Our Team

Welcome to the heart of Martha Jefferson House, where our dedicated team members are the cornerstone of the compassionate and high-quality care we provide. Each person on our team brings a unique set of skills, experiences, and a deep commitment to serving our residents. From the expert leadership guiding our mission to the friendly faces that greet you every day, our staff works tirelessly to create a nurturing and vibrant community where every resident feels valued, understood, and at home.

We invite you to get to know the remarkable individuals who make Martha Jefferson House a place of warmth, safety, and joy. Their stories, expertise, and dedication are what set us apart and ensure a living experience that is not just exceptional, but truly feels like family.

Board of Directors

Lee Nunn, Chair/Treasurer

Kathryn Sims Cross, Vice Chair

Sartaj Alag, Co-Treasurer

Randi Carr, Secretary

Jessie Carr Haden, Resident Representative

Fred Borch

Tom May

Brian Moriarty

Larry Paxton

Paul Read, MD

W. Gaines Talbott, MD


Interested in Joining Our Team?

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