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Thank you for considering Martha Jefferson House in your charitable gift plans.

We encourage you to discuss the many avenues of giving with your financial advisor. Our nation’s tax laws intentionally encourage charitable giving, and there are numerous ways to make a lasting and permanent difference for an organization such as Martha Jefferson House and, at the same time, protect your loved ones and heirs.

Giving is, of course, much more than tax brackets and charitable deductions. Your gifts provide the significant difference in what we do. The following are some of the more popular ways to give:



“One volunteer equals fifteen people touched.”

Our residents enjoy feeling a part of the community at large, and those people who come to visit and interact with the residents add such joy and enrichment to their lives. There are several ways that you can share your talents with the Martha Jefferson House family. Everyone involved benefits when ideas are shared and enjoyed! We have opportunities for:

  • Transporting residents from their rooms
  • Decorating for special events/holidays
  • Setting up activity rooms
  • Arranging and hosting guest performers
  • Gardening
  • Reading to a resident who has vision challenges
  • Arts and crafts
  • Teaching computer skills such as sending and receiving emails, chatting with families, online games, listening to music, and surfing the web
  • Special musical talent: if you have a special musical talent that you would like to share with our family, or if you play a musical instrument or sing, there are pianos located throughout the House.
  • Because of the proximity of Martha Jefferson House to the University of Virginia, student groups have been an integral part of our volunteer base. For those residents whose families live out-of-town, having a young person take an interest in them can create lasting memories. These students share their creative skills, establish new friendships, and perhaps even discover new career goals. Most of all, they can make a lasting difference in someone’s life!
  • Small-group leaders to conduct devotions.
  • Children from the elementary schools in the area are always welcome.
  • Visitation by well-behaved pets. Petting an animal has proven to be beneficial to those who can no longer be surrounded by their beloved companions. Our local SPCA visits Martha Jefferson House many times throughout the year, much to the delight of our residents.
  • These represent just a few of the many ways that community members can give something of themselves to those who would enjoy getting to meet new people and joining in a new activity. Come for a half hour, an hour, or longer and be a part of our vibrant family here at Martha Jefferson House. VOLUNTEERISM IS ENDLESS! Make a difference! Contact Marian Morris, Activities Director, at Marian.Morris@mjhouse.net.


Outright Gifts

  • Gifts of cash-Gifts of cash are the most common and often the easiest to make. Checks should be made payable to Martha Jefferson House. Gifts may be undesignated, designated, or restricted. Undesignated gifts provide the Board of Directors with the greatest flexibility in meeting the most urgent needs of Martha Jefferson House.
  • Memorial or tribute giftsAny gift may be earmarked in memory or honor of a friend or loved one. The family of the deceased, or person honored, will be notified of your tribute. The amount of the gift is not mentioned.
  • Gifts-in-kindAnother way to support Martha Jefferson House is through gifts of tangible personal property. When a gift relates to the charitable purpose of Martha Jefferson House, the donor may be eligible for a deduction of the full fair-market value.
    Gifts-in-kind of personal property will be viewed on a case-by-case basis. Martha Jefferson House does not accept gifts that fall under the IRS definition described in IRS publication 4303, which includes automobiles, airplanes, motor homes, boats, etc.


Planned or Deferred Gifts

  • Bequests by will or living trust-The most common form of deferred or planned gift support to any charitable organization is a charitable bequest. A will or living trust is a very personal matter and should be prepared with your attorney.

When you decide to give to Martha Jefferson House, regardless of the size of the gift, several residents benefit from your generosity and the House can continue to provide the unique environment that makes this community the special place it is. Thank you for your continued support of our mission.

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