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Perry Wing

The Perry Wing offers beautiful two-bedroom apartments. Each spacious modern apartment has a private terrace, washer and dryer, and kitchen. Residents of the Perry Wing may be at independent or assisted living levels of care. One benefit is that whenever an independent living resident in the Perry Wing needs assistance, they do not have to move out of their apartment to transition from independent to assisted living care.


Original House

The beautiful original house is a Georgian Mansion built in 1921. It was purchased by Hunter Perry in 1956 to provide a beautiful, home-like residence for professional people to live in when they retired. It is a home full of character and charm that has been lovingly maintained. Nestled on a beautiful property close to the University of Virginia, the house is surrounded by peaceful trees and gardens.


Health Care Center

Our Healthcare Center offers intermediate nursing care in a private room setting.

The Health Care Center is a private-pay, licensed intermediate care nursing facility for residents who require time to recuperate from illness or hospitalization, and for those who need the services of nursing personnel on a long-term basis. In order to maintain our high standards of service and care, we also maintain a high staff-to-resident ratio. House residents have priority admission to the Health Care Center.

In addition to serving residents of the House, the 28-bed Health Care Center is available to non-residents for short-term nursing or respite care on a space-available basis. As such, admission is contingent upon referral by a physician and a physical examination. Residents are followed either by their own physicians or, if they choose, our medical director. They supported by the outstanding staff in the home-like environment you expect from Martha Jefferson House.

If you have a patient, family member, or friend who needs extra care and attention between hospital and home, after outpatient surgery, or for any other reason, consider the Health Care Center at Martha Jefferson House.

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