We value our MJH employees, taking time out to recognize their work and dedication.

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Employees of the Month

February 2018

Charles West


December 2017


Jessica Lohr is December’s Employee of the Month. Jessica is our fabulous Laundry Aide and has been with Martha Jefferson House since 2006. She is always willing to fill in for others and participate when the need is there. Congratulations Jessica!!!!

November 2017

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Camelia has worked for Martha Jefferson House for 15 years. You will find her in the Nurse’s station working diligently with the residents and staff! Congratulations to Camelia for a job well done!

October 2017


Mark Holman is October’s Employee of the Month. Mark has been the smiling face of Martha Jefferson House for 20 years! Mark is always cheerful, welcoming, and willing to give anyone a helping hand. He is constantly seen hugging our residents and giving them lots of special attention. Mark has been a loyal, consistent figure of MJH and we look forward to 20 more years with Mark!

September 2017


Maria Romero has been a part of the MJH family for the last five months as a housekeeper. She works diligently throughout the house always helping out team mates when they need help. She is consistently dependable and does not call out. She is a great team player with a positive attitude.


August 2017

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Jennifer Logan has been chosen as August’s Employee of the Month.  Jennifer works in the Dining Department as a Dining Aide. She is hard working, always assists her co-workers, and is very friendly and attentive to the resident’s needs.  Jennifer may be quiet but she is very funny and you will often see her smiling. Please make sure to congratulate Jennifer.


July 2017


Linda Bates is Martha Jefferson House’s July Employee of the Month. Linda has not been here long. Since being hired, Linda has modeled the core values of Martha Jefferson House. She provides excellent Resident care, and is always willing to help when Residents are in need. We look forward to Linda’s future at Martha Jefferson House. Congratulations to Linda!


June 2017


Gale Timberlake is Martha Jefferson House’s June Employee of the Month. Gale works in the dining room and to say she is helpful is an understatement. Gale shows compassion through her actions with the residents daily. She knows what the residents like down to the placement of their drinks. She is respectful to her co-workers and is always smiling. Please thank Gale for her wonderful contributions to the Martha Jefferson House. Thank you, Gale for all you do for the employees and the residents!


May 2017


Zeke is Martha Jefferson House’s May Employee of the Month. Zeke mainly works the night shift and by 8:00a.m. he is still smiling and greeting us as we walk in the front door. He always offers to lend a hand to people whether it is residents or employees. Thank you Zeke for your dedication to the Martha Jefferson House.


April 2017


Melyssa Dove is April’s Employee of the Month. Melyssa has been an LPN with the Martha Jefferson House since June of last year. Melyssa loves coming to work each day because she feels the residents cheer her up. She loves all the diverse personalities of all of the residents. “It is the small environment and community atmosphere that I love at the Martha Jefferson House” Melyssa says. Melyssa enjoys working out and being outside in nature. She enjoys hiking and watching her 3 boys play baseball and T-ball.   Congratulations, Melyssa!


March 2017


Renee Brown, LPN has been chosen as March’s Employee of the Month here at Martha Jefferson House. Renee is a dedicated employee who volunteers for additional shifts, does not call out for her own shifts, and is very dependable.

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